1. vurucu bir alkaline trio şarkısı..

waking up zeroed in on medicine
am i waking up at all today
seeing lights, feeling pain
there's my cure on ice
i can walk but i will crawl there
i will crawl there
sitting straight, feeling fain
an exhausted smile screens my words
but i will hear them
here's a phrase that we all know
but i can't make sense
i don't know words but i will hear them
i still hear them
never ran away for the sake of scars
tried not to move but she was armed
and shots were fired
now a hole in the head of this wounded liar
never had a drink that i didn't like
got a taste of you, threw up all night
i got more sick
with every sour second rate kiss
everything i never would miss again
i don't know who your boyfriend is
2. (bkz: the crawl)
(bkz: placebo)
3. dizlerinin üstüne çökmek, emeklemek.
4. bir chimaira parçası. sözleri:

as i lay this all to rest
shadows appear reminding me
of all things left unsaid by me

maybe one day you'll believe
that i will crawl
i will crawl on broken knees

it's beyond what you really
forcing it all out of you
will i make your life complete
come clean

am i the sorrow
that you won't reap
am i the secret
that you can't keep
well i won't stop
until i'm complete
and i won't stop
until you believe
i won't stop until you need me
5. you ask me to enter ...but then you make me crawl
(bkz: u2) (bkz: one) *

one love
one blood
one life
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