1. ing. acı, ızdırap
2. ing. ızdıraptan kıvranma, şiddetli acı; can çekişme..
kaynak: langenscheidt
3. en bi güzel unbelievable truth şarkısıdır.. sözlerini de yazayım.. *

could i break through the wall you put me in,
can i be sure, you even keep me here,

blood on my fingers seems to testify
to my imprisonment but i have my doubts.

i fade the sound away...
i will choose silence..

do i resist when you bring me bread?
am i still tempted when you promise more?

i like the sound of it
if i keep it up
then will you let me go?

blood on my fingers,
jesus was that really me?

sorry thankyou, sorry thankyou, sorry thankyou, thankyou, let me go.

keep me here? keep me here?

am... i... tempted...when you... promise... the world...
4. anathema - fragile dreams

countless times i trusted you,
i let you back in,
knowing... yearning... you know
i should have run... but i stayed

maybe i always knew
my fragile dreams would be broken... for you

today i introduced myself
to my own feelings
in silent agony, after all these years
they spoke to me... after all these years

maybe i always knew
my fragile dreams would be broken... for you
5. anathema - lost control

life.. has betrayed me once again
i accept that some things will never change.
i've let your tiny minds magnify my agony
and it's left me with a chemical dependency for sanity.

yes, i am falling... how much longer 'till i hit the ground?
i can't tell you why i'm breaking down.
do you wonder why i prefer to be alone?
have i really lost control?

i'm coming to an end,
i've realized what i could have been.
i can't sleep so i take a breath and hide behind my bravest mask,
i admit i've lost control
lost control...
6. (bkz: azure agony)
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