margaret cho
1. güney kore kökenli amerikalı komedyen. yaptığı ağzı bozuk espriler, annesi hakkındaki her şey* ve tabi ki muhteşem mimikleriyle gülmekten nefessiz kalmak mümkündür. en azından yüzünüzü operasyona gerek duymadan gerdirmiş olursunuz.
2. son gösterilerinden biri "assassin"deki sözleri kulaklarımda olan şahsiyet:
"if you're against gay marriage and you laugh your ass off to will and grace, fuuck yoouu! you're a hypocrite, and you're not allowed to pick and choose what you like about "our" culture and leave behind and burn the any other quality! that's just like fifties when white people stole rock'n'roll from the black people!"
3. "these christian groups are always up to some kind of bullshit. they're either trying to sneak terry chavo a happy meal, or going off about 'spongebob is gay!' sponge bob is a sponge. obviously, transsexual. they're so busy all the time. i'm like, shouldn't you be preparing for the rapture? aren't you supposed to be leaving soon? they have no right to call themselves christians, because they have no christianity to them. they have no kindness, they have no compassion, they have no charity. i want jesus to come back and say 'that's not what i meant!' "
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