mysterious girl
1. yıllar önce peter andre adında baklava dilimi gibi karın kaslarına sahip bir şarkıcı tarafından söylemiş şarkı. dinledikçe yazı hatırlatır insana. klibinde sahilde dans eden adamlar vardır. edonkey den bulunabilen klipler arasındadır...

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baby girl i say tonight is your lucky night
peter andre along with bubbler ranx
pon de mic!

[verse 1: peter andre]
i stop and stare at you
walking on the shore
i try to concentrate
my mind wants to explore

the tropical scent of you
takes me up above
girl, when i look at you -
oh, i fall in love
(oh oh)
no doubt you look so fine
(oh oh)
girl i wanna make you mine
(oh oh)
i want to be with
a woman just like you
(oh oh)
no doubt that i'm the only man
(oh oh)
who can love you like i can
(oh oh)
so just let me be with
a woman that i love
(oh oh)

baby girl... shine like a looking glass

[chorus: peter]
oh oh oh - mysterious girl
i wanna get close to you
oh oh oh - mysterious girl
move your body close to mine
close to mine

girl you are me heart's desire
and you alone a set me soul on fire
me tell dem
girl you are me heart desire
and you alone... watch dis

[verse 2: peter]
watching the sun go down
the tide is drifting in
we can get closer now
and feel the warmth within
cos i'm looking in your eyes
feeling so alive
and girl when you touch me
it's time to take it through the night
(oh oh)

girl i wanna be with you
(oh oh)
i wanna spend the night with you
(oh oh)
i need to be with the woman that i love
(oh oh)
girl i wanna do to you
(oh oh)
all the things you want me to
(oh oh)
i need to be with the woman that i love
(oh oh)

baby girl...let your loving release

[repeat chorus]

well i've been sitting by the phone hoping you'd call
when time me hear your voice i feel ten feet tall
body weh you have a make de man dem a bawl
man a tripover man when time your name call
your pretty looks surround me like a flowers a bloom
and i love the smell of your elizabeth taylor perfume
your personality alone light up de room
just one kiss alone a make me heart go boom
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