lonesome organist rapes page turner
1. he told me that i knew what to laugh at
and i wanted to but i just couldn't ask if he would take it back so i could know for certain
so on the bench i watched his left hand crossing
while doubling entendres with the voicings
he said "o darling, you're charming
please don't find it alarming if i pull this stop out to free up a hand for heavy petting"

now there there
i'm a friendly man
i joke about sex because it's funny when you're frightened

so silently i sat and turned the pages
recalculating our respective ages
over my shoulder, he muttered, "if i get any older
you can hack my wrists off with your choice of objects
no, i'm kidding"

don't be scared
i'm a friendly man
i joke about death because it's funny when you're frightened

this is as far as i could get
he jabbed a needle in my neck
erasing all the evidence
but there were matchsticks in my pants
and if a rock should hit my head
and i remember what he did
you'll be the very first to know
maybe i'll find out why this damn thing won't stop bleeding

he told me that i showed a great potential
that given i turned heads and pages
fame would be a piece of cake
but practice was essential
so like a stupid child i believed it
and golly who would had agreed if
i had been schubert or mozart
devoted to the fine art of perfecting absolutely everything inconsequential

don't be sad
i'll come back again
i joke about trash 'cause it takes class to be enlightened

so several decades have gone by
i am still sitting by his side
i turn the pages faithfully
he turns his head and smiles at me
and with a wink he says, "i doubt
we would be anywhere without
your gift for keeping truth and consequence from meeting"

(bkz: dresden dolls)
(bkz: no virginia)
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