love with steffi graf

(bkz: a bit fry and laurie)

she's got eyes like diamonds,
hair like twisted gold.
when she looks up to me,
i feel my blood run cold

now, i don't care if people laugh
i'm in love with steffi graf

i watched her all last summer;
i watched her every day
she knew that i was with her,
she didn't have to say

she can run, but she can't hide
she knows i feel deep down inside..

that steffi is an angel
but she folds her wings
and walks like you and me
she's extremely good at tennis
on any kind of surface there might be
clay or grass
she'll flay your ass
and when she hits that topspin second serve
i think i know the meaning of love

eastbourne never was a favorite
the outside courts were damp
she had a hamstring problem
and recurring muscle cramp
but she dug deep and won it just the same
my angel never lost a service game

but now, a shadow in the distance
a girl with ponytails
sixteen and full of hunger
the end of steffi's trail
i can't wait for her defeat
i fetch a knife and take my seat

'cause steffi is a goddess
my love for her, it knows no bounds
i'd kill to make her happy,
or just to get her through the early rounds
kill or maim
it's just a game
but if i had another life, i'd chose
to come back as one of steffi's shoes

'cause steffi is an angel
but she folds her wings
and walks like you and me
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