1. 2004 yılı çıkışlı *leaves eyes albümü. parçalar;
norwegian lovesong*
tale of the sea maid
oceans way
the dream
for amelie*
into your light
return to life

ve albümle aynı ismi taşıyan leaves eyes *şarkısı.

you are a wandering shining star
you light up the sky you take me so far (take me far)
one crystal inside my lonely heart
you light up my life i embrace your light (you're my light)
you're my healer
i am lovelorn
in the cool breeze i hear your sweet voice
i'm your treasure
i am forlorn
in the rain i feel your warm tears

i can't forgive god and myself
i should have been there to
give you strength (be your strength)
one kingdom below the dark blue sea

hides my lovely amelie
i love you amelie..
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