slip slidin away
1. simon&garfunkel

slip slidin' away
slip slidin' away
you know the nearer your destination
the more you're slip slidin' away

i know a man
he came from my hometown
he wore his passion for his woman
like a thorny crown
he said delores
i live in fear
my love for you is so overpowering
i'm afraid that i'll disappear

i know a woman
became a wife
these are the very words she uses
to describe her life
she said a good day
ain't got no rain
she said a bad day's when i lie in bed
and think of the things that might have been

and i know a father
who had a son
he longed to tell him all the reasons
for the things he'd done
he came a long way
just to explain
he kissed his boy as he lay sleeping
then he turned round and he headed home again

god only knows
god makes his plan
the information is unavailable
to the mortal man
we work our jobs
collect our pay
believe we're gliding down the highway
when in fact we're slip slidin' away
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