the lyre of orpheus
1. aynı adlı nick cave albümünden:

orpheus sat gloomy in his garden shed
wondering what to do
with a lump of wood, a piece of wire
and a little pot of glue
o mamma o mamma

he sawed at the wood with half a heart
and glued it top to bottom
he strung a wire in between
he was feeling something rotten
o mamma o mamma

orpheus looked at his instrument
and he gave the wire a pluck
he heard a sound so beautiful
he gasped and said o my god
o mamma o mamma

he rushed inside to tell his wife
he went racing down the halls
eurydice was still asleep in bed
like a sack of cannonballs
o mamma o mamma

look what i've made, cried orpheus
and he plucked a gentle note
eurydice's eyes popped from their sockets
and her tongue burst through her throat
o mamma o mamma

o god, what have i done, he said
as her blood pooled in the sheets
but in his heart he felt a bliss
with which nothing could compete
o mamma o mamma

orpheus went leaping through the fields
strumming as hard as he did please
birdies detonated in the sky
bunnies dashed their brains out on the trees
o mamma o mamma

orpheus strummed till his fingers bled
he hit a g minor 7
he woke up god from a deep, deep sleep
god was a major player in heaven
o mamma o mamma

god picked up a giant hammer
and he threw it with an thunderous yell
it smashed down hard on orpheus' head
and knocked him down a well
o mamma o mamma

the well went down very deep
very deep went down the well
the well went down so very deep
well, the well went down to hell
o mamma o mamma

poor orpheus woke up with a start
all amongst the rotting dead
his lyre tacked safe under his arm
his brains all down his head
o mamma o mamma

eurydice appeared brindled in blood
and she said to orpheus
if you play that fucking thing down here
i'll stick it up your orifice!
o mamma o mamma

this lyre lark is for the birds, said orpheus
it's enough to send you bats
let's stay down here, eurydice, dear
and we'll have a bunch of screaming brats
o mamma o mamma

orpheus picked up his lyre for the last time
he was on a real low down bummer
and stared deep into the abyss and said
this one is for mamma

o mamma o mamma
o mamma o mamma
2. (bkz: orpheus)
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